Welcome to Medifacx

Welcome to Medifacx

Medifacx Healthcare Products Group provides the most innovative pill cutter to hit the market in over 39 years. Our pill cutter comprises a unique beveled and curved shaped, high-quality stainless-steel blade.

Medifacx Unique Beveled and Curved Blade with the Safe-T-Guard self retracting blade system.

Medifacx Unique Beveled and Curved Blade with the
Safe-T-Guard self retracting blade system.


The Medifacx 18-In-1 Disc

The Best Way to Cut Pills

  • The PRORX Disc Pill Cutter is designed to reinvent the way the world cuts pills, tablets, and vitamins.
  • Place pill in the loose-fitting cavity that is larger than the pill and close lid to cut pill and tip upside down. The pill halves drop out the top into the pill catch cup provided.
  • We are the innovators in the health and wellness global category for cutting pills. Our technology provides innovation in a product category that has not changed in over 39 years.
  • The Medifacx PRORX Disc Pill Cutter product line is made of BPA-free plastic and contains unique features that other consumer products cannot match.
  • Our pill cutter, along with all our allied products, provides consumers with all the products needed to manage their health and wellness issues.
  • To quote one happy customer “If there were a Nobel Prize given in the category for the best pill cutter, the PRORX Disc Pill Cutter would win hands down.”
  • The PRORX Disc Pill Cutter is positioned to bring a premium quality pill cutter as a real solution at a competitive price and add new dollars to the health and wellness industry sector within all channels.

Features of PRORX Disc Pill Cutters

Medifacx PRORX Disc Pill Cutter fits within one of the fastest-growing retail categories: Health and Wellness- a $1 Billion plus dollar category today and growing, as our aging population continues to enjoy longer lives.

Health and wellness products like pill cutters and other allied products are growing faster than other categories, driven by consumers in all age categories who are developing diabetes, along with other illnesses as we age.

Future category growth will be driven by the increasing need to correctly manage the dosage that all consumers must take when taking prescription medications. It is also essential to take all medications at the right time.

Medifacx, Inc.



    6-oval cavities on one side, 6-oblong and 6-round cavities on the reverse side with 4 of the round cavities inside the oblong cavities.



We produce the extra discs in a Green color so they are easy to identify for other family members and pets. When required either Disc is easily removable by lifting if off the center post. To replace just slide it down onto the post for placement and align it up with the razor blade cutting slot for the correct size and shape cavity you require.

How did we come up with the different sizes and shapes of the cavities for the disc? By talking to pharmacists, pill manufacturers, focus groups and using an industry chart of the 50 most popular pills that people take worldwide. Combine this information and you will be able to cut 90% or more of your pills. The cavities are located on both sides of the Disc.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you might have!

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